Basketball Player
I enjoyed to play basketball already when I was a school kid. In 2008 I joined the women team of the Red Dragons and switched 2010 to the SSV Intercor in Friedrichshain. Here I played two seasons together with hearing impaired and deaf women, which was an interesting experience. In 2014 I founded my own women leisure team at the second basketball club in Friedrichshain, the Freibeuter 2010. We meet every friday evening to hang around and play together against each other.
>>You miss 100% of the shots you never take.<< - W.Gretzky

Basketball Coach
In 2012 I deicded to become a basketball coach. I began my career with a team, which started as a newbie in Berlin's highest league, in which all the players had more game experience than me and some of them were hearing impaired or deaf. I failed! - However, I did not give up. Already two month after my first coaching season's end I founded a girls team at the neighbour club Freibeuter 2010 for kids in the age from ten to twelve. The project succeeded.