Child of nature
I always wanted to have a monkey. During my childhood I had a lot of different pets but never a monkey. Nevertheless, my cat Kasimir turned out to be a good monkey substitute. I had to leave Kasi at my mum's home when I moved out. Two years later I became friend with Nepumuk. Nepumuk was a weak hooded crow youngster who lived in my garden until he learned to fly. I will never forget these three weeks! Nepumuk was the smartest and most monkey alike bird I have ever met. (Watch video)
>>One day I was counting the cats and I absent-mindedly counted myself.<< - Bobbie Ann Mason

Cléo von Bösi
When my crow Nepumuk left, he left a hole. The attempt to fill it through zebra finches was not very successfull. Although these little birds tried to be sweet and raised a lot of baby zebra finches in their aviary, they really had nothing in common with a monkey. So, one year later Cléo von Bösi came into my life. Cléo is a well educated tiger. She has the size of a cat but the heart of a hunts(wo)man.