M.Sc. IT-Systems Engineer
I studied IT-Systems Engineering (computer sience) at the elite university Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam and passed with distinction in 2013. The first years were all about software programming and modeling, but during my master studies I set the main focus on 'Human Computer Interaction', 'Visualization', 'Requirements Engineering' and 'Design Thinking' and put the subjects 'Personal Management Skills' and 'Business Management' on top.
>>Success is the best revenge.<< - Michael Kirk Douglas

CHI publication
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Masther's thesis
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D-school project
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Master's thesis
Together with Stefanie Reinicke, Prof. Dr. Patrick Baudisch et al. I implemented the probabilistic physical game 'Imaginary Basketball': The players interact with an imaginary, invisible ball and receive only auditory feedback for the happening game events. A computer system tracks the players via cameras from above and interprets their movements. (Watch video)